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UCC turns 5

In February University Community Church turned 5! We had a wonderful celebration, remembering all that God has done over the past 5 years; from meeting in the back room of Jimmy and Phiona’s house to now a community already outgrowing our fabulous bamboo sanctuary. We joined the church 4 years ago, then called One Love, when we about a dozen people if everyone came, but even in those early days we knew this was a special place.

A definite theme of the testimonies (much to their embarrassment) was giving thanks for the leadership of Jimmy and Phiona Okello. They are certainly a ┬ámajor part of why we wanted to be part of UCC. Their servant leadership, incredible and ongoing sacrifice, their love of God, His word and His people, their counter cultural marriage, their faithful and loving parenting of not only their own children but the dozens of young people and students who see them as a spiritual mother and father… I could go on! And people did! Testimony after testimony of the work that God is doing through this beautiful couple. We really do thank God for them.

As well as looking back, Jimmy also shared about the future of UCC. The vision is Godly transformation of the students, making disciples who can change their families, tribe, nation and world by knowing and loving the One who created them and living the life he has called them too. For those of us who aren’t students there is still work for us to do getting along side them, investing in them, sharing our lives with them.

We (UCC) are also looking for land so we can have our own building as renting is an ongoing struggle, so we trusting for God’s provision to purchase it. He has brought UCC this far and we know He will make a way. We’d love you to join us in praying for UCC as it looks to what God will be doing in the next 5 years, that He would show us where He wants us to be and the means of the getting there.