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Therapist, Teacher, Trainer?

One of the highlights of these past few months has been the opportunity to do some training with teachers and soon to be teachers about communication disability and what they can do to make a difference.

The first of these was in partnership with an incredible organisation called Read for Life Uganda, who as one of their strands of work are training pre-school teachers. I had the privilege to spend two mornings with the students teachers, giving them the low-down on some of the basics about communication, speech and language, difficulties they’ll encounter with their pupils and some ideas on how to help them.

It was great to get a chance to give some input to these students teachers before they’ve actually set foot in the classroom. Hopefully in amongst the fun of the session and activities, something will stick which will help them when they encounter pupils with communication challenges.

The other exciting new piece of training was an extension of the Down Syndrome Support Group. For the final two sessions, we met at the school where some of the children are attending. The training was for the classroom teachers, the children’s classroom assistants and for the parents. Some parents from the group also came whose children are not yet at school. We looked at how Down Syndrome impacts learning and how they can adapt things to make the biggest difference for the child. Then in the second session we looked at teaching children with Down Syndrome how to read.

Again lots of fun was had and it was great to get teachers, assistants and parents all together in one room and hopefully on the same page.

I have really enjoyed teaching/training, and it’s exciting to be able to pass on some knowledge and skills about working with people who have communication difficulties, but I’m also pretty sure I made the right career choice. I don’t think I could do that day in day out.

Hats off to teachers everywhere, you are life changers!