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Taking to the airwaves

Isaac, Lois and Mirriam in the studio

It was Faith Over Fear (FOF) SLTs turn to take to the airwaves last week. Radio is the main way of reaching people here in Northern Uganda but with everyone from churches to businesses taking to air it has become very costly, in fact more than our modest budget would allow.

Fortunately for us we were put in touch with Otim Robinson who works for a small university who had prepaid radio time and they offered us a slot! Thank you Jesus!

So last Saturday, Isaac, Mirriam and myself head to Radio Maria, one of the stations with a far reaching listenership, to talk all things speech and language therapy. Most people have not heard of speech and language therapy so we it was really about raising awareness and raising the profile of FOF.

Isaac did a fantastic job, he was a natural, and Mirriam translated for me. My Acholi is certainly not up to speaking on the radio. We originally had hours slot but with 10 minutes to go we were given another hour. We can calls from listeners and people wanting to know how they can be in touch.

It was great timing, as we reopened clinic this week and have had 10 new cases already. We plan to take to the airwaves again, and focus on particular conditions and get some of our families to speak too. We’ve already had volunteers from the Down Syndrome Support Group, so watch this space!