Story Time

Schools have been closed for over four months, with online learning not a viable option for children in Gulu, our friends at READ for Life have taken to providing lessons on the radio. So far they have produced over 280 lessons!

Part of the lessons is a story time and I have been helping write these for the Ugandan teachers to then read out. I have written over 80 stories so far. I’ve mainly been rewriting bible stories. Writing for radio has been super fun and also tricky. They need to be one A4 page maximum, preferably with some sound effects and with simple language as English is most childrens second language. Listen to teacher Dickenz reading my version of the wise and foolish builders. Check out his homemade sound effects!

The wise and foolish builders

The team at READ for Life have done an amazing job and it has been great to help them in a small way. Our BMS colleague Val has also been part of the radio team, working incredibly hard, presenting on the shows and has also been speaking about child protection issues on the other radio shows too.

We don’t know how long schools will be out for so it may be a long road ahead so keep praying for energy for the amazing team to keep going.

Staff from Connect Education Centre and READ for Life who have been bringing our radio lessons to life and learning to the homes for the past 4 months. Photo: Jody Unterrheiner.