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A bit of therapy

St.Philip’s Health Centre

So some of you may have seen the video of the therapy work here that BMS made. If not here it is.

It prompted me to give an update on how it’s all going before it takes a hiatus whist I am in the UK, and also so you know I do have more than one client, honest!

In October, I visited an incredible child development centre, Kyaninga CDC, in Fort Portal, a two day drive from Gulu. It was truly inspirational, and gave me hope for what can be achieved here. They have a South Sudanese SLT (he trained here in Uganda) and a Ugandan SLT assistant, who has nursing background. It was fantastic seeing them doing a great job and being able to work through some of their tricky cases with them.

Here in Gulu, I have been continuing my clinics as St.Philip’s Health Centre, which has been a great place to work from. It has certainly increased my number of referrals and the staff are getting good at spotting children who could do with an assessment when they come in for other things, such as vaccinations or malaria treatment.

Triage at St.Philip’s

The pilot therapy group in September for families of children with Down Syndrome has turned into a monthly support group/group therapy session, held at St.Philip’s on the last Thursday of each month. It has been really fun and I’ve enjoyed seeing relationships grow between the various families.

Down Syndrome Support Group

The other group for families of children under 5 who aren’t talking is going to change a bit when I get back, with families of children with Cerebral Palsy having their own group, where I will hopefully be running a training course with a local physio, called “Getting to know cerebral palsy’, which was first piloted in Bangladesh.

Therapy group

I have also been using this course to train some Classroom assistants at a local school which accepts children with additional needs, (it’s the school Joshua goes too). The school has several children with cerebral palsy and so it was good to train the ladies who are working directly with them.

Classroom Assistants and Special Needs coordinator after our last training on Cerebral Palsy

So as you can see lots has been happening on the therapy front over the last few months. I’d appreciate prayers that it wouldn’t lose it’s momentum with me being back in the UK for a few months. Also the next step is for me to have one or two people working alongside me, so prayers for finding the right person or people would be great.

Thanks everyone x