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Reuben Beck Bailey

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Team Ovenden’s newest member: Reuben Beck Bailey!

He made his way speedily into the world on Sunday 24 April at 11.43am, less than half an hour after our arrival at hospital, and less than four hours from Lois’ contractions starting in earnest.

Lois was kept in hospital overnight as a precaution after what happened following Connie’s birth. But thankfully everything went beautifully smoothly and we praise God that there were no complications this time around and we were allowed home the following day. Once again we are so grateful the incredible care we received, the NHS is something for which we will be forever thankful.


At 6 days early, the bonnie wee bairn weighed in at just over 4kg (9lb).


Reuben’s meaning is generally translated as “behold, a son”, but we were also told of this deeper meaning, which we love:

Reuben The son who sees God clearly…
The Hassidic masters teach that the name Reuben refers to ‘sight’, a highly tuned level of Godly awareness that is so real that it is as if the person actually perceives God with his own eyes. No amount of argument will convince a person that he did not see something when he did. This experience is unambiguous and definite. The name Reuben expresses certainty and immediacy in his awareness of God. Reuben is the son who is both seen clearly by God, and also sees and knows God intimately and clearly.

Beck – A brook or stream, and Lois’ Granny’s maiden name.

Bailey – Part of a castle, and Lois’ maiden name.

Reuben, your name is part of our prayer for you: as we behold you, our son, and give thanks for your life, we pray that you would see God clearly and that you would know Him with certainty. We pray that you would know your Heavenly Father, both as a fortress of protection but also the fullness of a life lived in the “streams of living water”.


Connie is enjoying being the big sister and is very enthusiastic for “cuddles with my baby.”


Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. We have felt greatly loved and we are so happy to bring Reuben into a life filled with so many loving people. We hope you get to meet him soon.

With much love,

Joe, Lois, Connie and Reuben.






29 Responses to “Reuben Beck Bailey”

  1. Anna B

    Love it! Congratulations to you all! So pleased it went well and quickly and what a beautiful bundle of joy! Enjoy the first few weeks xxx

  2. MargaretMorton

    So, so pleased for you all, a wonderful name for your gorgeous boy! Connie looks so proud to be a big sister. She’s beautiful and growing so quickly. Congratulations and much love. Margaret & Alan xxxx

  3. Fi

    Beautiful in every way! I could eat you all with a spoon (but will endeavour not to) Love you lots fab Ovenden family!xxxx

  4. Jacqui

    So lovely! Wonderful news. Connie looks so delighted. Lots and lots of love

  5. Anne Rolfe

    Such hope for your future, Reuben. You will have such a wonderful life with your loving family. Welcome to God’s world. x

  6. Carolyn & Rob

    Huge congratulations on you new addition to your beautiful little family! Wishing much love and happiness to you all xxxxx

  7. Alison Cadden

    Welcome Reuben BB! Absolutely delighted everything went smoothly & swiftly. Water birth is so natural & almost enjoyable, speaking from experience! Connie looks thrilled & her parents rightly proud.
    May Reuben grow, like Jesus, in wisdom & stature, finding favour with God & others (Luke 2:52) & may he always see God who sees & loves him.
    Ali xo

  8. Susan comiskey

    Much much love and congratulations. Xxx

  9. Deb & Dug

    THRILLED to learn of Reuben’s safe arrival! So so so happy for you all, much love and thanks to Father xxxxx

  10. Oria

    WoW! Congrats Ovendens!! Lovely!!

  11. Tasha

    Beautiful gorgeous amazing wonderful outstandingly fantastic news. Another ray of light for the world.. We’ll done all of you and God’s peace and blessings be with you. Live you guys xxx

  12. Tasha

    Love you guys too! (not live, though living is also cool!)

  13. Ken Timmis

    Congratulations both of you. Looking forward to seeing you all in Bilston in June.

  14. Jimmy

    Congratulations! Welcome Reuben to this lovely family. We love you and can’t wait for when you bring Reuben to Uganda.

  15. Hazel.

    Wonderful news for you all every blessing hazel

  16. Helen

    How beautiful, may God continue to Bless you all richly. Hope I can come and see you all for a cuddle soon. Much love to you all xxx

  17. Jackie

    Congratulations and bless you all. The photos really made me smile.

  18. Claire H

    Congratulations you beautiful family! What fantastically gorgeous photos of you all. So happy for you and glad to hear all went so smoothly. Love the deep thought that has gone into such a fab name! Love to you all Xx

  19. Irma

    What a wonderful gift. You are very blessed. Thank you for showing the lovely pictures of the happy family.

  20. Jenny Brunskill

    Many, many congratulations!
    What a blessing to you all, so pleased all is well. May God bless your family.
    Love Jenny x

  21. Linda McCallum

    Congratulations! So delighted for you all, thank you for sharing such beautiful photos. The Lord continue to bless you, His banner over you is love.

  22. Alan&Thelma Hitch(Kay St)

    Many congratulations and a great answer to prayer.So delighted all is well and many blessings to you all.x

  23. Tracey Dancy

    Beautiful! well done all of you 🙂 xxx

  24. Janet Nock

    Congratulations, I look forward to meeting you all during one of your visits to NLBC
    “and as the child grew strong; he was filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him” Luke 2:40
    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today and forevermore as you grow in knowledge and confidence in Him

  25. Richard Allwood

    Wonderful news. Many congratulations from all at Princes Risborough Baptist Church

  26. Izzy Tredinnick

    Ahhhhhhh, this is super exciting. Chuffed as anything for you lovelies. Miss ya! Lots of love and big blessings xxxx

  27. Alison Holdsworth

    Really thrilled to hear of the new arrival.
    Wonderful for you to have a little baby boy.Congratulations! We will miss seeing you at our church this time. Glad Lois and baby are well. Gods blessings from all at Marston Green Baptist Free Church.

  28. Valmai Williams

    From LLanelwy Community Church
    Many congratulations!
    Can you give me a postal address for UK?
    God bless you all

  29. Valmai Williams

    i’m at llanelwy community church
    many congrats
    do you have a postal address I could send to?
    God bless you!


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