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Fresh Eyes

Over the past few months we have had several visitors, both socially and work related as well as our Action Team (known to expat community here as the ‘Mini Brits’). Whenever you have someone come, especially if it is their first time in Africa, Uganda or even just their first time in Gulu, you find yourself looking again at the world around you and realising that what is now normal for you, certainly wasn’t at first.

action-teamOur Action Team aka The Mini Brits

The Action Team (four fabulous 18year olds, here with BMS for 6 months) are not just visiting but living here for 6 months, so Joe and I are doing our best to help them live well here and not just survive. For anyone leaving home for the first time there would be lots for them to learn but here everything from how you get around, shop, wash, cook, clean, eat, dress, socialise, talk, greet, go to the toilet, relax… is different.

We’ve lived in Africa for 4.5years now so it is good to be given fresh eyes to start seeing the wonders and hardships again. To lift out eyes up and see the beauty of things and to be reminded that our ‘normal’ wasn’t always this.

I am hoping to write a series of very short blogs with small examples of how life is here to give you a flavour of our life here in Gulu. So if you have any burning questions about what life looks like, how we do X, Y or Z, let me know and I’ll let you know. No questions is too silly so go ahead and ask…




2 Responses to “Fresh Eyes”

  1. David Bird

    Dear Joe and Lois,
    Thanks for the update on the ‘Fab Four’ – Mini Brits, and to learn a little of your involvement with them during their stay.
    It was a privilege to get to know them a little during their training period. We have enjoyed trying to keep up with their endeavours. As Christmas approaches – I am sure they will be missing ‘home’ and ‘loved ones’. It is good to know they have folk like yourself keeping an eye on them and offering support and encouragement. Please convey our loving, Christian Greetings to them – and hear them for yourselves.
    My silly question would be: “What will Christmas Day meal look like, in Gulu?”
    When my daughter was part of an Action Team a number of years ago now, she went to Ecuador and ended up eating BarBQ guinea pig for their Festive Fayre.
    We will be remembering you all in our prayers.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Sheena Frisch

    How do you make tea or coffee? I know Joe doesn’t like tea, so what does he like to drink in Gulu?


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