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Eleanor Ada Joy

At 16:47 on Tuesday 18 September we welcomed into the world our most beautiful and wonderful Eleanor Ada Joy. Weighing a healthy 3.76kg (8lb 4oz), both she and Lois are doing very well.

Naturally we’re plunged back into figuring out new rhythms of family life and living without sleep, but everyone’s doing well and enjoying precious time with family and UK friends.


We think names are important. Each of our children have names that reflect our families heritage and that also serve as a prayer over their lives.

Eleanor – meaning ‘shining light’

Ada – a family name from Joe’s mother’s side, meaning ‘noble’.

Joy – just like her mother and sister, meaning ‘great pleasure, glee or calm delight’


Our Dearest Eleanor,

Our prayer is that you would be a shining light of truth and love, sustained by the deepest assurance that comes from knowing that you are the daughter of the King of Kings. We pray that you would grow into a woman of noble character. Would you know and share joy, an enveloping calm delight, that only comes from from the peace given by the Holy Spirit.

May you know that you are loved with a constant and eternal love.



Thank you for all your love, prayers and support. It is a great privilege and responsibility to raise these precious children  and it’s so wonderful not to be doing it alone.

All our love

The Ovenden Family


14 Responses to “Eleanor Ada Joy”

  1. Michael Brain

    As Mission Secretary at Chester Street ,Wrexham, Myself and our congregation are delighted, and know your are blessed indeed. We have the Swaga family from Uganda in our membership.

  2. Sue Wall

    Hi, I’m from Rosehill Baptist Church Burnley. We have been ‘watching this space’ and praying for you all. What a wonderful addition to your lovely family. Praise God for his faithfulness and unfailing goodness to us all – an amazing answer to many, many prayers.
    Bless you all! Much love, From all at Rosehill

  3. Alison Holdsworth

    Congratulations to you all on the birth
    of a wonderful baby girl Eleanor born
    last Tuesday, from all the members of
    Marston Green Baptist Free Church. Glad to hear that Lois and baby are doing well!.
    God Bless you all x

  4. Margaret

    We are so very pleased to hear this great news! Congratulations on the birth of Eleanor Ada Joy (loving her names!) and May God bless you all. Xxxxx

  5. Janet

    Blessings to you all from the fellowship at Longfleet Baptist, Poole

  6. Ali

    Absolutely delighted for you & naturally I approve of such glorious names! God bless you all.
    Children are a heritage from the Lord & the fruit of the womb His gift.
    Alison Joy! X ?

  7. Anna

    Well done Lois and congratulations to you all! Lots of love from us all in Peru xxx

  8. Helen

    Congratulations to you all on the birth of your beautiful baby girl. May God richly bless her and you all. Xx

  9. Ken Timmis, Bilston Baptist

    Congratulations to all of you..
    Margaret & Ken

  10. Thelma Hitch

    Wonderful news and such a great answer to prayer.Congratulations and God’s bless you all.

  11. Roy Kearsley, Ararat Church, Cardiff

    Congratulations on this wonderful moment! So glad everyone’s well and we love the pics. Wishing you continuing health and energy for the days ahead in Uganda.

  12. Kath Lawson

    Congratulations and blessings from all at Vale. So pleased for you. x

  13. Lesley & Derek Duke

    So thrilled and delighted to hear the news. She is sooo gorgeous. We pray for Gods blessing, grace and love surround you today and always. She is blessed with a loving big sister and brother too. Love to you all. Xx?

  14. Jenny B

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Eleanor Ada Joy. Thanks for the photos too.
    Love to you all, and God bless you.
    Jenny B (Kay Street )


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