Lois Ovenden

Lois is a Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) by profession. Most recently she worked at a brain injury clinic in Sheffield, specialising in supporting those who have suffered brain injuries with their communication skills.

Lois is passionate about empowering women, enabling people to communicate effectively and helping people to experience life in abundance.

Lois loves time with friends; being in the great outdoors; taking photographs; reading; and she plays a funny Dutch sport called korfball.

Joe Ovenden

Before commencing training with BMS World Mission, Joe worked for the British Red Cross in Sheffield. He gained a Masters degree in International Development from the University of Manchester in 2010 focussing his studies on conflict and reconciliation.

Joe is passionate about making disciples of Jesus and helping people discover who they were created to be and helping people find solutions to life's problems.

Joe loves sport (football, cricket, basketball, cycling...); spending time with friends; listening to funk and soul music; and playing the drums.